JB joins Janus Technologies Management Team!

JB Slater has been appointed by Janus Technologies LLC to their Business Development group. Janus Technologies has developed the WaterBrain, a closed-loop, multiple data point processing technology t... more

OffshoreOnly.com is up and running!

When Steve Schuble of OffshoreOnly.com needed to revamp his web site to meet his user's demands, he turned to JB and Associates for the web design, development, and hosting reliability he so desperate... more

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Repair Services

Our technicians are experienced in the repair of all IT hardware, from network hardware components to desktop and Server computers. From SCSI RAID Controllers, network routers to network interface cards, we are qualified to evaluate network hardware performance issues and quickly determine causes for failure or performance degradation. Our highly experienced technicians understand that a quick and thorough analysis is required to get your network back on-line so your employees can do what they where hired to do – Service Your Customers!

Contact us for any of your computer hardware repair needs. Our experience combined with our close relationship with the largest manufacturers of computer hardware allows us to diagnose problems quickly, repair the equipment appropriately, and minimize your costs in the process.

The Lexi Group leaves their competitors in the dust!

Lexi Group founder, Xico Garcilaso, knew where to turn when he envisioned using the Internet and his web site to gain market share through improving communications and information sharing with his cli... more

SAY IT CAN'T BE DONE!! We'll prove you wrong!

When a client of JB & Associates requested a desire to link all 5 of their hotel's Property Management Software (PMS) databases, JB sought out the best PMS application which met their specific needs. ... more



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